QB50 precursor satellites receive OSCAR numbers

Hi All,

The QB50 precursor satellites, launched on 19th of June 2014, are in good health and still being commissioned.These satellites are part of a risk-reduction program for the QB50 main mission. Read all about QB50 on the project website at https://qb50.eu/

These satellites are also carrying amateur radio transponders:
– QB50p1 carries the FUNcube-3 transponder system by AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NL
– QB50p2 carries an FM transponder by AMSAT-Francophone

I am grateful to be able to announce that these two CubeSat Satellites have been awarded OSCAR numbers by AMSAT-NA: QB50p1 shall be known as European OSCAR 79 or EO-79, and QB50p2 shall be known as European OSCAR 80 or EO-80. Thank you AMSAT-NA!

The transponders are expected to be switched on after the main mission, which lasts about 6 months depending on progress made.

Details about sending in reports and decoding the beacons can be found on the ISIS Ham page at http://isispace.nl/HAM/qb50p.html

Mike DK3WN has kindly made and published a decoder at his website:
http://www.dk3wn.info/software.shtml based on the published formats.

Thanks all for your support and reports, they are much appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG
QB50p team


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