Public ESTCube-1 telemetry data webpage


I am proud to announce that we have set up a live telemetry decoder webpage to enable everyone to follow how ESTCube-1 satellite is doing.

On this page,, you can see housekeeping data (e.g. voltages, currents, temperatures etc.) from different subsystems in real time as it is received by our ground stations and amateur radio community.

Keep in mind, the data there is changing only during the communication sessions with the satellite. Our operators communicate with the satellite almost during every pass of the satellite over the Estonia. In the meantime, information from last telemetry packets is shown. Date and time of the last data packet is shown in UTC.

You can use the satellite pass prediction tool provided by AMSAT,, to see the upcoming passes over Estonia. Use the WWL locator KO38ii for the correct location of our ground station.

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