PSAT/BRICsat status

Hi all,
at last I have got to write something about those sats, I am from the group, which have built the PSK transponders. The PSAT is working fine and the TLE from AMSAT works for the predictions. The receiver is a bit deaf probably due to the mistuning of the receiving antenna, so please use the power, which is necessary to get solid copy in downlink.
To the BRICsat, the satellite has negative power budget, it is off for the long periods of time and switches on for short periods varying between 5 and 20 minutes approx. In the previous weeks we had receptions every day on one pass, but between this occasions, there was week without a beep above Europe. Any kind of positive reception reports from both sides (PSK downlink, packet downlink) are welcomed.

Thanks for reading a bit lenghty info.
73! de Tomas OK2PNQ

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