This image was taken by PRISM satellite, which was delivered as part of the XIMAIL services.

* PRISM’s Feeling
Today, I become 1 year old! I really appreciate the kindness of developers and supporters. I promise I continue to take the photos of the beautiful earth.

* Health Status of PRISM
Attitude Control : Suspended
Electricity Generated : 6.49 [W]
Battery Voltage : 8.43 [V]
Charging Current : 274.51 [mA]
Discharging Current : 0.00 [mA]
Average Revolution Speed : 0.11 [rpm]
Panel Average Temperature : -0.15 [deg]

* Today’s image: Shooting Time 1 6, 2010 7:49:05 UTC, Location Himalayan Range
* This page will give you larger size image:

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