POPSAT-HIP1 update

Dear Mike,
we have started setting a higher duty cycle on the beacon. It is also mentioned in the beacon itself.
So in the next few days we hope to get a nice plot of the battery level vs. beacon duty cycle vs. time. Especially the third axis of the plot, the time, will require as many reports as possible.
Initially we are starting from a high battery level, so we expect to see a controlled voltage drop.
There will be a point where we will hit the beacon switch-off level of 7V.
After that we will reduce the duty cycle again and measure the opposite trend of battery charging.
When we will be satisfied with the data, we will lower the beacon switch-off level to the real low battery limit and increase the duty cycle again...
I think this is an interesting way to work with the HAMs worldwide, thanks a lot.


PS: our next satellite will go on near equatorial orbit, so we should start getting in touch with Low Latitude HAMs...

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