Please do not use AO-51 while eclipsed

Drew KO4MA: We’ve turned the repeater back on on AO-51, along with the PL. I have a favor to ask of our Southern Hemisphere users, including those in South America, Southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Please avoid using AO-51 while the satellite is eclipsed. Most tracking programs indicate illuminated or eclipsed states, and it can always be found by whether the footprint of the satellite is crossing or in contact with the footprint of the sun. Generally this is occurring when the satellite is south of 30 degrees latitude at present.

I realize this is a large favor to ask, but the alternative right now is moving to a scheduled type operation, which I would like to avoid.
Please pass this to your friends, other users you know, and your national satellite email lists and forums.

Thank you and 73,
Drew KO4MA
AMSAT-NA VP Operations

17:00 UTC very weak carrrier on 435.300 MHz (only audible in USB mode)

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