PharmaSat Lottery – Take 2

1340 UTC
With a high level of confidence it would appear that PharmaSat is Object B and not E as earlier projected. Using Object B and a frequency of 437.459 MHz the discriminator on the FT736 remained steady and central throughout the recent pass commencing at 1340 UTC, 26th May 2009.
71 packets were downloaded. Signals from AOS (North West) to TCA were significantly weaker than those from TCA to LOS (East). There is relatively fast QSB on the downlink signal.
de Colin VK5HI.

One thought on “PharmaSat Lottery – Take 2”

  1. Colin,

    I had essentially the same experience, though I centered up at 437,457.5 KHz. As I was departing for an appointment, I did not have time to observe anything about the signal and polarization switches during the pass. Returned a few hours later and found a nice 15k file, since uploaded to the PharmaSat site. MUCH easier than CP6.



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