2009-05-22 12:31:45.930 UTC: AD7E395100E6020776003302000015028C0A13670AA42E0940
2009-05-22 12:31:50.900 UTC: AD7E393900E50207A4013302000015028C0A1F693B93692050
2009-05-22 12:31:55.900 UTC: AD7E392400E50207A4013302000015028C0A2B500BEB315943

2009-05-22 15:49:16.780 UTC: D9AC391B00F50208A401330200002F02A40A2B6B0BBB322345
2009-05-22 15:49:21.780 UTC: D9AC390800F602087600330200002F02A40A37B90AA42CA443

Colin (VK5HI): On the 22nd May 2009, 2113 UTC pass this morning I was using the Object B TLE for Day 140.
The attached Frequency vs. Time graph is for that pass using the element sets for Days 141 and 142.


Assuming that the TLE’s are consistent in that the objects are not being “swapped” around due to their close proximity.
On this 2113 UTC pass I had to tune down 2 to 3 kilohertz at 2117 UTC to centre PharmaSat in the discriminator. I ultimately ended up with a total correction of 4.5 kilohertz. Looking at the Frequency Offset vs. Time graph at 2117 UTC there is an offset of 2 kilohertz, between Object B and Object D. However a better fit at TCA is Object E at around 4 to 4.5 kilohertz.


At this point I would suggest PharmaSat may be Object E. A somewhat crude approach and does assume that PharmaSat is on 437.465 Megahertz.

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