PCSAT-1 restoration maybe

We restored PCSAT on the first orbit this morning at 1315z, but it did not hold. On the next pass at 1500z, the one-good shot at a restoration was consumed by someone still digipeating via W3ADO-1 and his packet took all the power, and our logon was unsuccessful.
We have one more command pass chance for today at 1640z. Please we ask all users to not use the W3ADO-1 digi callsign until we get in and get a positive power balance.
We only get ONE chance per orbit, and it must be a morning orbit, if that one packet is unsuccessful, the big logon response from PCSAT if it is not successful on the very first packet, then there is not enough energy left for retries. It dies and we do not get to try again until the next orbit.


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