As a service to the satellite operator community, the Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI) offers SOCRATES-Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space. This service provides regular information on pending conjunctions on orbit over the coming week.

Twice each day, CSSI runs a list of all satellite payloads on orbit against a list of all objects on orbit using the catalog of all unclassified NORAD two-line element sets (TLEs) releasable to the public to look for satellite conjunctions over the next seven days. Here you can find a list with amateur-radio related satellites.

CelesTrak SOCRATES, predicts the following Orbital Conjunction Threats

Data current as of 2018 Jun 04 00:06 UTC

Date        Time       SAT 1                    SAT 2                   Minimum Range         Probability     
2018 Jun 07 11:46 UTC  AEROCUBE 7B            - AEROCUBE 7C             79 m +/- 19 m         6.959E-04
2018 Jun 07 13:30 UTC  PROBA-2                - DELTA 1 DEB             91 m +/- 30 m         3.845E-04
2018 Jun 08 07:24 UTC  MIRATA                 - COSMOS 2251 DEB         58 m +/- 19 m         9.228E-04
2018 Jun 10 12:25 UTC  IRIDIUM 52             - FENGYUN 1C DEB          74 m +/- 41 m         2.965E-03

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