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  1. NOAA-17 Update 05/04/2010
    I will try to provide a more in depth explanation of the update released from NOAA today. As reported in the NOAA thread posted today the AVHRR is showing some slight improvement in the HRPT data stream. While there is still some evidence of the jitter in the imagery the HRPT data for the most part is clean. Motor currents and sync deltas have dropped showing signs of improved performance but are still to high to be within the operating limits as specified from the manufacture. As history has shown, as the lubrication is moved away from the operational parts of the motor bearings the hope is that the AVHRR will return to normal. While this is speculative, it is possible for a full recovery if trends continue in this direction. So why is the APT data still unusable? The answer is while the MIRP continues to be in diagnostic mode or the diagnostic scripts continue to be executed the APT will be affected. In this configuration the HRPT and APT data is not processed the same way and the same holds true in normal operations which explains why the APT looks as it does. When NOAA decides to re enable the re-sync and stops the scripts used in testing the APT will return to normal. The next few days will be critical in receiving images and posting them to Weatherscience for NOAA to review. I will be asking NOAA in the next week or two to re-enable the re-sync to see if there is improvement in the APT.
    Let hope for a full recovery of NOAA-17’s AVHRR and again thank you all who participated in providing NOAA with your data.
    Steven Ross

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