NOAA-17 OK :-)

11:03 UTC Channel 2+4 southbound pass 11 W

Iceland’s Eyjafjoell volcano sends more ash towards Europe

09:23 UTC Channel 2+4 southbound pass 55 W

The NOAA-17 AVHRR has entered a stable phase and all imagery for the time being has returned to normal. Sync deltas are at a near normal level and
both HRPT and APT show little to no saw tooth in the images. Users should be able to process all APT and HRPT data but should be aware that the AVHRR
could destabilize again should the contamination enter an area of the motor bearings that creates resistance. There is at the moment no official word
from NOAA if any intervention took place to fix the problem but the image data is the best it has been since November of 2009. I will be meeting with
NOAA on Monday to get their take on things and forward them on to you all.

Steven C. Ross
Sr. Network Engineer/Webmaster

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