NOAA-17 decommissioned

Following almost 11.5 years of service NOAA-17 (NOAA-M prior to launch) was decommissioned today on REV 56109 at 1216 UTC.

NOAA-17 was launched on June 24, 2002. NOAA 17 has scan motor problems with rising motor currents. Constant rephase by the MIRP was causing data dropouts on all the HRPT stream and APT and GAC derivatives. Auto re-phase has now been disabled and the resulting AVHRR products are almost all unusable. Daily MIRP rephasing via the Stored Command Table began on 18 May 2010 (10/138) – at the first pass over the South Pole each day.

See some history here :

remember the good times …

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  1. Weatherscience wrote: “Mike Rupprecht thank you for sharing this with me. I do remember this very well. You have been a great resource always. We a had a moment of silence here at NOAA today in memory of NOAA-17. She will be missed. NOAA-17 is now amongst the heavens and the stars and a permanent fixture in our hearts. Godspeed my friend.”

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