NOAA-17 AVHRR update 05062010

1816 UTC northbound 25 E pass

This update is provided in response to the continued APT problems exhibited on NOAA-17.

NOAA engineers have been aggressively trying to restore the AVHRR onboard NOAA-17 with some success which has been seen in the HRPT data however, little improvement has been seen in APT. The engineering staff continue to look into this problem which may be as a result of the MIRP still in the state it was changed to when the problem first what being diagnosed back in February. NOAA will be looking at the MIRP to see what state it is in and it is possible that the re-phasing may have to be turned back on to resolve the issue.
NOAA asks users to continue to observe the APT data over the next few days in order to assist in resolving this problem. I have sent several hundred images to NOAA to date from users like you and ask that this level of support continues until the problem is resolve.
I would like to take this time to thank all users in their efforts in providing this data and look forward to a full recovery of NOAA-17.

Steven Ross

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