… the problem is that it’s battery is dead. It can save up enough energy during a mid-day pass to maybe support one or two successful packets. But any other packets simply kill it back to zero.
That is what is so sad. There are a few dozen people who operte permanent beacons on the channel just so they can be heard, but in so doing, the unattended beacons are killing the battery that real-live people could actually use.

If we could just get all the UNATTENDED stations on the ISS and PCSAT (w3ado-1) uplink to be silent so that the manned stations wouidl have less congestion (or more power on PCSAT), then maybe 1 or two packets per pass couild be successful via PCSAT (again, though, only during mid-day when the sun is right on its best angle to the best panel).

You can hear the problem on every packet. There is not even enough battery amps to finish a complete packet.


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