NEGAI* via skype

14:55 UTC
soka 0b76980071900d20810bdc0007b6dc
soka 0b76e00071000d20800bdb0007b6bd
soka 0b77270071000d20810bda0007b7be

Today I made an exciting experiment together with my friend Tetsu san JA0CAW.
Since we can not hear NEGAI* in Central Europe we established a live link between our stations.
Tetsu gave me access to his PC via remote control (VNC) and I could control his transceiver.
We established a second connection via skype for audio.

sound CW beacon of NEGAI via skype

The audio quality was excellent and I could hear NEGAI at a 10 deg pass over the Pacific Ocean. Thank you Tetsu san.

PS: I remember on similiar experiments with skype and Teamviewer software together with Henk, PA3GUO for
a live presentation of COMPASS-1 at the AMSAT-DL symposium in Bochum last year.

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