Negai☆, Waseda-Sat2

New-CubeSat Negai☆ 20:33 UTC 437.305 MHz CW-Beacon  Thanks Kuge san,JE1CVL and Thanks Image Kasei san,JA1GDE


sound CW beacon

New-CubeSat  Waseda-Sat2 Nothing Heard

Robert, NH7WN: Shortly thereafter I heard CW at a speed similar to COMPASS on frequency 437.305 MHz. For a short time I tracked
Celestrak’s OBJECT A2010:020A at 17 deg. maximum elevation AOS from the west tracking slightly to the SE. The signal was
fading severely and I was unable to make any reasonable copy. Characters I did hear appeared to be:

1… (numbers) DDEFE0 EG CO/710

Very difficult with D700 (FM/Fades and 5 KHz steps in Doppler!!!): BUT something was there where Celestrak said OBJ. A would be !!
No packets heard: Only CW. Time 2051Z; azimuth 224 deg at 17 degs elevation;

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