NEE-01 video from space

mission accomplished :-)

OSS Telemetry

Veps = 5.0V The NEREIDA module voltage is nominal
Scur = 2382.8 mA system consumption
mAH = 32075 system consumption since start-up
Veps = 8.1V The CYCLOPS module voltage, a little high, should be 7.5V
I temp = 10.0C this is the internal temperature
E temp = -26.9C is external temp, sensor mounted on the Z- axis, quite cold, implies that sat is not rotating over X axis
Up arrow = 463 means upper solar wing deployed
down arrow = 14 means down solar wing deployed
middle signal indicators means contact with HERMES-A and TX nominal
4:56 min runtime is cyclical counter should start in 0 when satellite gets out of eclipse

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