NCBR1 – end of misson ?


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By request from a reader of the BLOG went to get along to the group that developed the NanosatC-Br1 to the information passed by this reader that the first Brazilian cubesat was showing problems in space had veracity.

Unfortunately according to Dr. Otávio tough NanosatC-Br1 has chronic problems in their batteries (see here on the website of the project

“When the voltage in the battery is below 6.5 V power system shut down and only returns when exceeds this value (in the orbit exposed to the Sun). We’re not getting more operationally do this voltage rise and the satellite resets often returning in safe mode. In this mode the data security of the payloads are not valid. We have only a few telemetry parameters such as temperature, current, voltage, causes the reset etc. “says INPE researcher.

“We still don’t know what caused this (there are at least 3 major causes possible we found so far). We still have an operational attempt to try and raise the tension in the batteries and at the moment we are testing in our labs in engineering model of Br-1. We will probably send this remote tomorrow but I confess that the prospects are not very optimistic at the moment” concludes Dr. Durão.

Well reader, apparently one of the only two victories by the year 2014 PEB begins to turn a failure of delay effect. Energy is not good and it’s bad to worse. Disappointing.

Duda Falcão (Brazilian Blog Space)

(Translated by Bing)


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