Mozhayets 4 (RS22)

Hello all,

I do not know where I should send information about listening to satellite RS22 on strange frequency 432.095

I was QRV on Saturday 06.12. on 432MHz in the ARRL EME Contest. I listened to the stations from the moon, because I’m using to help SDR FUNCUBE I see the from 432.000 to 432.100. I heard something strange about 432,095 at 02,45 UTC fast QSY signal. I thought it was someone reflection from the aircraft, I listened to what it was but it was a CW (around 095 strange), I think it’s a reflection OH2PO by the ISS. (OH2PO CQ at that time to 432.020) I looked on the Internet, where ISS was and it was over NA the strange. At 04.20 UTC was the same situation 3 minutes the same signal around 432.095MHz. Yesterday I was looking for what it could be by
I found: It could be Mozhayets 4 (RS22).

Today I had passed RS22 around 17:20 UTC. I listened again and heard signals again around 432.095MHz.
Yes, it is RS22 I recorded some signals and recieved a part telemetry:


freq. was 432.101MHz moved to end on 432.094MHz
it is interesting because I did not see any similar information on the Internet.
I monitored to freq. around 435.350 too, but nill, only aroud 432.098Mhz

73 Jiri OK2POI

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