Our predictions show, the decay of the Masat-1 will happen between 5-10.-th of jan 2015. Who would like to follow/listen its last telemetry data, can use our new, dedicated websdr site. The tracking antena system is the same, as used on the official Ground Station, at the Technical Univ. Budapest.
If you follow this link you can see the webcam of the tracking system, and find a table, generated by the web site from the actual orbits to Masat-1.

If you use this link in this second case you can access to the online chat of the websdr too. If somebody connect the sound output of the websdr into another sound card input, and use the Masat-1 decoder program, will be decode the telemetry data.

The new, improoved Masat-1 client/decoder program is here:

If somebody record the websdr sound output, has a choice to decode it offline with this porgram.

Janos Tolgyesi, HG5APZ

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