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  1. Hi, Dear Mike,
    thank you very much your support our Masat-1, and publish regularly the telemetry data. We were in big tension on afternoon 2.-th of May, because we had Alert from JSpOC/Space Correspondence about a very close approach between Masat-1 and an old russian spacescraft, Meteor 2-3. Finally the “meeting” wasnot “chatastophic”, and dont died our small sat, we received the new telemetry data from radio amateurs, confirm it, the Masat-1 is working more.
    best wishes:
    t.janos hg5apz
    The United States Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) has identified a
    predicted conjunction between MASAT-1 (SCC# 38081) and SCC# 19336.

    Primary Object MASAT-1 (SCC# 38081)
    Secondary Object: SCC# 19363
    Time of Closest Approach: 02 MAY 2013 17:12 UTC

    Overall miss distance: 170 meters
    Radial (dU) miss distance: 138 meters
    In-Track (dV) miss distance: -30 meters
    Cross-track (dW) miss distance: 96 meters

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