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  1. More notes about the actual beacon txt, “UDVZLET A GOLYAKNAK”: Some days ago there was published a notes on the “official web page” of the Masat-1, with this title:
    A Masat-1 is üdvözli a VIK-es gólyákat.
    It says, one of the member of the designer team, Dudas Levente controlled the sat to broadcast this message to the newcommers students to the Technical University Budapest. Officially there was published the results of the entrance exams on this time. This event was the “apropo” to emphesize some other possibilities to follow the Masat-1 broadcast, this is an android client application, available on google play. This app display the actual telemetry informations on the mobile phone.
    Another, new possibility to buy and use the special Masat-1 USB receiver.
    It can buy on this web shop: https://shop.c3s.hu/index.php in two versions
    – the receiver only, its cost around 124 us dollar, with 27 percent hungarian taxes. The shipping to Hungary is free.
    – the second version has an additional, simple “tape-measure” antenna, and in the attached Manual (in this time it is only in hungarian) there are details, how can be bouild and use this device to receive the Masat-1 telemetry.
    Hope, sooner or later can be read in english too. If somebody want to order one, and have problem to fill the hungarian forms, send me a mail to my hg5apz at gmail address.

  2. Today you can find news on the Masat-1 offcial site, the title is here:
    Szoftver frissítés (Software upgrade)
    The date of the new version is: aug 2013 02. This version support the new Masat-1 USB RX receiver.
    On this page:
    you can find 3 links:
    1. * Kliens szoftver … This is the link to download the new Masat-1 decoder version, with the support of the USB receiver

    2. * Kézi műholdvevő programfrissítő …on this link you can download a Windows program (with static Qt libs/dll-s) use to upgrade the firmware in the USB receiver

    3. * Kézi műholdvevő beépített program … this is the firmware hex file, 1v1 version, RX only.

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