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  1. Dear Mike, thank you very much for you attentions and regular publications about the Masat-1 telemetry.
    My actual notes are here: in the last days there are two “cryptic” beacon messages, appeared in a short time in the Masat-1 telemetry:
    1. 73 Delta,Gyula,HA8QC
    This was broadcast on some orbits, because prof Gschwindt, the head of the developer team had a prezentation in Gyula (this is a town in south-west Hungary) and for this presentation this was a live demo. The HA8QC is a famous radio amatoeur in this town, he has a private radio museum, and this message was a greeting for him.
    the translation, more or less: Greetings for the storks!
    I havenot too much background informations about this, but it seems, it is a temporaly message for another live demo.
    In every summer, there is a summer camp for the newcomer,s students to the Technical Univeristy, Budapest. The slang name of the newcomers students hungarian is “golya” (stork).
    t.janos, hg5apz

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