LitSat-1 telemetry


We have rebooted the Litsat1 on April 16 in attempt to revive the magnetometer. Now it is working again. Flighttime counter restarted also :-)
The GPS does not work reliably. It is swithed on by the command from the ground station but it keeps swithing off unpredictably after some time (< 1000 s) on its own will :-( Anyway, the GPS produces some meaningfull info before swithing off. Coordinates are in radians. Taking GPS data when altitude and velocity fields are true like gives quite realistic coordinates too. Btw, we have programmed the control station computer to try to switch on the linear transponder during all Easter weekend (including Monday) Litsat1 flights over Kaunas for 800 seconds. We have more or less reliable Litsat1 RF control at higher elevation angles, thus the linear transponder on moments usually correlate with higher angles over Kaunas. litsat_litsat_dk3wn_20042014_1920_1
from sunlight to eclipse

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