… listen to ANTELSAT, please

Hi all,

some news about Antelsat (CX1SAT), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU5YL1UkZ-0 CX2SC could listen the CW beacon in 437.280MHz from our satellite on June 18, 2015 but he made it public yesterday in the last link.
I really appreciate if someone would try to listen the Antelsat (CX1SAT). It a very weak signal, I guess so It a great challange.

It is very important for us and the community.

Antelsat (CX1SAT) radioham information http://iie.fing.edu.uy/investigacion/grupos/lai/Ham.html

Thanks you in advance and sorry for bother you

73 CX3HY Ignacio de León

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