Hello! This is XI MAIL

* Message from us
This image was taken by PRISM satellite, which was delivered as part of the XIMAIL services.

* PRISM's Feeling
Hello everyone!
On this mail, I will send you a picture I took from sky over Japan.
And Japan is my birth place!
I'm looking forward to showing you a picture of beautiful earth also in the next mail.

* Health Status of PRISM
 Attitude Control : Active
 Electricity Generated : 5.97 [W]
 Battery Voltage : 8.43 [V]
 Charging Current : 196.08 [mA]
 Discharging Current : 0.00 [mA]
 Average Revolution Speed : 0.11 [rpm]
 Panel Average Temperature : 2.94 [deg]

* Today's image - Shooting Time 8 20, 2010  4:39:35 UTC - Location Tokyo

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