Happy Birthday COMPASS-1

April 28th 2008 was a successful day for the COMPASS one team. One year later we are happy to celebrate the


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people down on mother earth for a very successfully year. Many hams world wide joined the mission controll team in order to bring this mission to a success.

This is the core of this team.

We’re also very grateful for every single mail with telemetry data which reached us in the last 365 days. Unforgotten the recoverage of the battery in the late summer 2008 which was a world wide hamradio success.
The team has become a great community with a coverage from Hawaii, over the United States, Europe and Japan to Australia and New Zealand.

00:26 UTC _900004050000100C703BB0007 JA6PL
00:30 UTC C908504029000130C703C42207 JA6PL
00:40 UTC 7002000000560100c703d20001 VK5HI
00:44 UTC 5007000000490100c703d30005 VK5HI
00:48 UTC ff00180006000130c703d20000 VK5HI
01:58 UTC FF00170006000130C703D000FF JA6PL
02:02 UTC FF00000512000130C703D000FF JA6PL
02:06 UTC F900001008000130C703D000FF JA6PL
07:54 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0706 NH7WN
07:58 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0704 NH7WN
11:15 UTC 2900000000000100C703CC1003 JA1GDE
11:19 UTC 4700000000420100C703C...01 JA1GDE
12:28 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1406 VK5HI
12:32 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0707 VK5HI
12:36 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1207 VK5HI
12:40 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1007 VK5HI
19:53 UTC ff00000707000130c703d000ff NH7WN

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