GRIFEX update

GRIFEX was launched on January 31, 2015 just over 3 weeks ago. Last Thursday (2/19/15) the University of Michigan GRIFEX operations team acquired and downloaded the first image data set from GRIFEX. The data consisted about 30 seconds of camera housekeeping data and 100 frames of image count and residual data.

The camera housekeeping data all looks nominal. It will take a few days to get the image data processed and calibrated, but a quick look was very encouraging. The downloaded raw detector images have the same distinctive features identical to features we observed during pre-launch integration and test, indicating that by and large the detector array is operating as it did pre-launch.

In the next few days we will work through the data and calibration processing. We will update as we make progress towards a final data product. This is all very encouraging news.

For the GRIFEX Team

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