GetKISS BETA release

Today I released a new software tool to generate a KISS File from tcp sources (e.g. soundmodem or gr-satellites).

UZ7HO’s soundmodem
You don’t need the AGW interface anymore. Simply use the KISS server port 8100 and enable it.

-> Settings -> Server setup -> KISS Server Port 8100

If you run Dani’s, EA4GPZ gr-satellite tools on an Ubuntu machine (or even on a Raspberry Pi) you can easily add a TCP server in your flowgraph.

Configure the corresponding IP address of your Ubuntu machine or “localhost” for soundmodem and the port in the conf.ini file.

#TCP_PORT = 52002

TCP_SERVER = localhost
TCP_PORT = 8100

All other settings are the same as for AGW OnlineKISS. Change the conf.ini parameters according to your local settings (QTH, call sign, path to TLE file etc.)

If you enable “filter if Sat not visible” then a timestamped KISS file will be written into your FILE_PATH directory -> e.g. D:/Radio/UWE-4/ only if the satellite is actually visible (elevation> 0).

Reports and suggestions for improvements are very much appreciated.

73 Mike

Download a BETA version here:

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