For sure students are not DX contesters!

What are you using to decode CW from satellites?
A pen and paper or software?
Many of the current Cubesat use CW for TLM!
I’ve compared many software for a demo and I found
CwGet is a nice software to copy CW TLM .
The Auto Go To Max Value tool in CwGet compensated very fast to the slight frequency shift due to delay between the
transceiver and the doppler software. May the other share with their experiance and other software .

Hi Nader,
thanks for starting this interesting discussion. For unattended operations I generally use fldigi.
It’s very easy to use, reliable and it’s free… See here:
Otherwise I trust only my ears :-)
73, Mike

4 thoughts on “For sure students are not DX contesters!”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I prefer to use MixW.
    My experience is that it is more precis.


  2. Hi Jan and Mike!
    tnx for comments.
    Mixw is a fantastic software but I have no luck with it in CW!!
    fldigi!! I miss this one Mike .I’ll give it a go . TU .

  3. Hello Nader,
    I have tried just about everything out there for CW decoding.
    Hands down, my favorite is MRP40. I find that many software titles do a good job with strong signals. However, to me, MRP40 is in a league of its own when it comes to very weak signals (I don’t have a nice set of CP yagis).

    My preference is to type what I hear on the keyboard real-time.
    Audio recording and MRP40 are used for comparison & correction.

  4. Good Day/nigth Jim ,tnx for comment.

    Now I have more homework to do ! this one is new to me too!
    rated: 4.2/5 on .And yes good for weak signal.
    I’ll gave it a try !(a free version for 30 days ) :))

    TU OM


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