FITSAT-1 CW beacon

09:16 UTC hi de niwaka japan s1 f2ff18b4 s2 76ff7d7e s3 8c78867e s4 1b1c1e1e s5 1a60f84f
12:23 UTC hi de niwaka japan s1 f0fe15b3 s2 78fe7d78 s3 959b9691 s4 1c1d2021 s5 1a612441

14:08 UTC I just received FITSAT1 , with LOS of about 14:08 UTC, which was about 3 minutes later then SATPC32 with up to date keplerians elements prediction). Here are few TM sequences that I received: (was little difficult to copy because my Morse is rusty and I had to manually do the Doppler compensation... sorry)

S3 88 82 97 81
S1 F1 FE 16 B4
S2 83 FE 7C 78
S3 87 8B 99 99
S4 1E 1F 22 22

73 Shamai 4z1ws

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