ESTCube-1 CW beacon

We actually did a hard restart of the satellite between those sessions, so the ff-s of batteries went away (we also got a little worried about those ff-s and there were other issues). But now everything is stable again. Today we also made the clock a little better as you can see (will make it more precise in the coming days)

09:35 UTC
es5e/s t wnutsmf zfhb7e tttt dhtttt ttffff hehdtt ahtt tttt kn
es5e/s t wnuthsm zfhb6e tttt d5tttt ttffff hfhett ahtt tttt kn
es5e/s t wnuthef zfhb6e tttt d5tttt ttffff 5thftt ahtt tttt kn

19:05 UTC
es5e/s t wnufzfz zfhb6e tttt dmtttt ttecec 6u6utt aztt tttt kn
es5e/s t wnufnbt zfhb6e tttt dhtttt tteded 7t6wtt aztt tttt kn

now with correct UNIX timestamp, firmware version and reset counter

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