11:40 UTC weak signals from AggieSat-2, nothing heard from BEVO-1


The radio is an Microhard MHX425 data modem. Its actually at 19200 bps and it has proprietary synchronization and protocol behavior. It is an off the shelf data modem, the company wouldn’t even let us know what all those settings were. To our knowledge a unit of similar type is needed for decoding.
If you can receive the beacon (a 5 second burst that initiates on a 1/20Hz repetition cycle) we would love to hear about it. It appears Bevo and AggieSat are stuck together right now. We are looking for aliveness confirmation until we can get the units in a stable state. We have had one contact ourselves, and a few from amateurs reported that show it is alive, but maybe weak. If you can give similar confirmation with times it would be great to help aid us to get the satellites in a stable configuration.

John Graves, AggieSat Lab, Texas A&M University

1 35690U 09038B   09211.97009835 +.00095697 +00000-0 +49101-3 0 00059
2 35690 051.6383 081.9986 0005201 088.2863 271.8760 15.80461110000070

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