Delfi-C³ close encounter

The United States Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) has updated a predicted conjunction between DELFI C3 (SCC# 32789) and SCC# 9962.

Primary Object: Delfi C3 (SCC# 32789)
Secondary Object: SCC# 9962
Time of Closest Approach: 27 JUN 2014 08:13 UTC

Overall miss distance: 207 meters
Radial (dU) miss distance: 63 meters
In-Track (dV) miss distance: -119 meters Cross-track (dW) miss distance: -158 meters

Primary Radial Error (U): 9 meters
Primary In-track Error (V): 478 meters
Primary Cross-track Error (W): 8 meters

Secondary Radial Error (U): 22 meters
Secondary In-track Error (V): 494 meters Secondary Cross-track Error (W): 8 meters

Very Respectfully,

JSpOC Orbital Protection Team
Joint Space Operations Center
Vandenberg Air Force Base, California USA

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