DELFI-C³ back to science mode

Following our earlier reports about the transponder issue, we sadly have had to conclude that the linear transponder is not operational anymore. Delfi-C3 / DO-64 has been in basic mode (a mode in which only housekeeping mode is transmitted) for a number of months in order to investigate this issue.
Following our extensive tests, we have decided to switch the satellite back to science mode, which from a mission point of view is the most useful mode since it yields valuable science data about the Thin Film Solar Cell payload and the Autonomous Wireless Sun Sensor payload.

Today during the 09:33 UTC pass we have successfully commanded the satellite to science mode using the primary downlink at 145.870MHz, 1200Bd AX.25 BPSK and stored this mode in the on board data base. Subsequent database dumps indicated that the new settings have been stored successfully.
This mode is recognized by the higher rate of telemetry frames on the downlink, 3 payload frames are transmitted followed by 1 housekeeping frame.
Note that the satellite boots in this mode on 145.870MHz whenever she comes out of eclipse (no battery on board). It is possible, that the satellite decides to use the 145.930 MHz backup downlink.load can be viewed by clicking “options” –> “show IV curves”.

Best 73 on behalf of the Delfi-C3 / DO-64 team,
Wouter Jan Ubbels PE4WJ

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