Cubesat Questionnaire

We would like to invite everyone involved in a CubeSat project to fill in a questionnaire. It will take you between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is designed to be user friendly and as time effective as possible.

The link to the questionnaire:

The survey is a collaboration between Jasper Bouwmeester from TU Delft and Martin Langer from TU Munich. It focusses on general CubeSat reliability aspects as well as performance and reliability aspects of a CubeSat bus architecture. The results will be used as a major input for our PhD research and will be published in journal and/or conference papers.

As a return favor for your participation, you will receive a de-correlated (anonymized) database from this questionnaire which may be very helpful for your own research and future CubeSat design. You will also receive the associated publications if this is permitted by the publisher, or otherwise the main conclusions. Your participation will enhance worldwide CubeSat research and will help to improve the success rates and designs of future CubeSats.

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