CubeSat-1 status

CubeBug-1 was OFF on first pass this morning. But currently monitoring 0159utc pass and it is back ON.
Regards, Colin VK5HI

LU1CGB just had a good pass and was able to decode, here’s what he saw:

Uptime: 1h33m48s, Mode: SURVIVAL
FreeHeapSize: 13320 bytes [0x00003408]
Battery: 7.42 V (low_voltage count: 2)
Array X: -0.21 V, [+] 0 (139.77) mA, [-] 0 (139.77) mA
Array Y: -0.21 V, [+] 0 (139.77) mA, [-] 0 (139.77) mA
Array Z: -0.05 V, [+] 0 (-27.10) mA, [-] 0 (-27.10) mA
Bus 3v3: 215.13 mA, 5v: 0 (-271.020) mA
Temp Battery: 19.11 C,
Radio: 20.75 C Last Seen Seq: 3,
Next Beacon Enable: 0
Antenna count: 16, deploy: false [0x10]
Magnetometer (X, Y, Z): (360.500, 400.200, -673.500) [milligauss]
Gyroscope (X, Y, Z): (9.030, 21.755, 15.633) [degrees per second]
IMU 3000 Temp (C): 14.50

As you can see the battey is lower than usual (still in a safe range), the low power counter is at 2 (first time we actually see it), the satellite is in the shadow, and it is spinning quite fast.

This is very good information to try to understand what’s going on. Thought we are still not sure why, the CubBug-1 is sometimes using more energy than what it collects from the Sun, until it powers itself off to protect the battery berore it gets dangerously low.

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