Cubebug-2 image fragment

Thank you very much all! We really appreciate your continuing support, and don’t miss a single email you sent us.
As our closest collaborators we wanted to let you know that we have now started receiving image fragments with data that looks like there’s an image :-)
We only have a few, so we can’t really tell what the image is, though it’s not all white (as in the past), and it’s not totally random… we hope :)
We’ll keep you posted and then share the image as soon as there’s anything to see.
Our protocol is incremental, every image packet we get adds details to the image and is tolerant to packet loss. In our simulations with 1% of the original image we can reconstruct something that looks very much like the original (with lots of lost details of course), so we have good expectations of recovering something interesting.
We have not yet automated the image reconstruction process to the point were we can put an online application for you to post your fragments and see the results immediately, but we will of course take every input you send us and add it to the pile of fragments :)
Anyway, just wanted to share with you this happy moment, after so much time of tirelessly working, and with the help of all you and specially Adrian who helped us improve our commanding capabilities.

Again, thanks!


Last pass, recorded and playback. FF FF F5 (image data) frame with data, no blank
Regards, Mario LU4EOU

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