CubeBug-1 status

03:10 UTCHere’s the data, saddly the I2C was broken, but still, 4 hours uptime with no low voltage events is good news! No commands were received in this 4 hours though we are trying to command from Bariloche (Last Seen Seq is still at 3)

Uptime: 4h11m43s, Mode: SURVIVAL
FreeHeapSize: 13320 bytes [0x00003408]
Power: I2C Error
Battery: low_voltage count: 0
Thermal: I2C Error
Last Seen Seq: 3, Next Beacon Enable: 0
Antenna count: 16, deploy: false [0x10]
Magnetometer (X, Y, Z): (-142.200, 105.900, 480.100) [milligauss] Payload length: 0


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