CubeBug-1 status

The CubeBug-1 is behaving much better this week. We’ve been studying its orbit, and have an interesting theory, but we’d like to wait a bit more until we can verify if it’s correct or not. It has to do with the longest shadow periods in the past months :)

Saddly the I2C bus is broken:

Uptime: 6h00m30s, Mode: SURVIVAL
FreeHeapSize: 13320 bytes [0x00003408]
Power: I2C Error
Thermal: I2C Error
Last Seen Seq: 3, Next Beacon Enable: 0
Antenna count: 16, deploy: false [0x10]
Magnetometer (X, Y, Z): (-138.400, 344.000, 230.600) [milligauss]
Payload length: 0

I’ve been trying myself to decode, and got another partial decode with uptime 5:59:25 (it has to be the first packet). Strangely, in our decoding java software (which I don’t trust much) it showed up only when I moved down the bps to 1180, and the center frequency to around 1713. Now, your packets I can decode (with my software), when the center frequency is around 1725… It’s so weird, in the same pass different parameters!

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