CubeBug-1 status

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that today we (together with Adrian LU1CGB) successfully heard and commanded the CubeBug-1 from Buenos Aires, on the 13:44 utc pass.

We first heard the I2C bus was not working, so we send a reset command, the satellite rebooted with I2C working, and then we send a command to take a picture. The command was accepted, and then the CubeBug-1 transmitted a 50×50 pixels window (16bits each pixel) of the picture.
After this we tried to change the Tx to 9600, but we are not sure if it worked or not.

We could not decode any packet yet, the audio file, if you wanted to see it is

It was taken with an array of 4 linear yagis, a TS-2000 and Adrian’s very nice LNA.


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