CubeBel-1 re-entry

CubeBel-1 (Norad ID 43666) is expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere in early March 2024. Currently, the battery is discharged, and the savings mode is activated. After the satellite emerges from the shadow, the beacon will start transmitting four times with a four-minute interval. The beacon can only be received in the morning and afternoon. Presently, the beacon is active over New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, Central and South America.

Unfortunately, the beacon is not operational over Europe. Our team kindly requests assistance from the radioamateur and SatNOGS community in receiving telemetry.

The one who received the last telemetry will be awarded the prize. Electronic QSL cards for CubeBel-1 and CubeBel-2 are now available. To receive the QSL card, please send the reception date, time, your callsign or nickname to the email address: If telemetric data has not been uploaded to the SatNOGS database, please include it in the email.

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