CP-6 jumps

tracked with TLE #35004, center frequency = 437.3647 MHz LSB
CP6 internal timestamp wrong – audio frequency of the CW trailer at

Sequence Number: 10995  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:13:02  - 1250 Hz
Sequence Number: 10997  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:14:01  - 1310 Hz
Sequence Number: 10999  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:15:00  - 1250 Hz
Sequence Number: 11001  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:15:59  - 1300 Hz
Sequence Number: 11003  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:16:57  -  660 Hz * jumped 640 Hz *
Sequence Number: 11005  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:17:56  -  720 Hz
Sequence Number: 11007  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:18:55  -  760 Hz
Sequence Number: 11009  Timestamp: 2009-May-05 21:19:54  -  810 Hz


There are similar jumps in the COMM_A and COMM_B currents. Maybe this is the reason for the jumps in frequency ?

cp6_comm_a_curr cp6_comm_b_curr

Mark, N8MH: Just read your observations about CP-6 frequency jumps. I have seen exactly the same thing for days now. I thought it was bad Kep elements :) I’ve seen it drop back in frequency toward the end of a pass, too. It is about a 600-700Hz jump, from what I’ve seen here.
Good work :)

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  1. Mike,

    Thanks for quantifying this! Good job. I had seen similar in the CP4 satellite. Hopefully the CalPoly guys will get this fixed in the next cubesat, as it makes unattended operation impossible, and attended operation “sporty.”



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