COMPASS-1 reports

2012-03-02 Compass 8 deg pass at 2305 UTC. All threshold commands accepted just before LOS but no beacon. ZL2BX

00:22 – 00:34 UTC Nothing Heard over Japan JA6PL
No signals heard during the 0040UTC pass. Listened intently for weak signals, but nothing. VK5HI
The 07:53Z – 08:06 UTC pass over Hawaii was quiet. NH7WN
Well Compass is still not quite dead. Just after it entered eclipse last night (1050 ut) I sent the threshold commands and Compass responded to them all. ZL2BX
14:52 UTC Commands sent throughout the entire 78 degree pass. No responses heard, no beacons heard. W1ICW
Forever the optimist, I listened for Compass-1 during the 2320utc pass this morning, but no signals. VK5HI

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