COMPASS-1 – new image downloaded

taken on August 31, 2009 at 19:36 UTC
Thanks Alan, ZL2BX and Bob, W1ICW for your efforts and downloading the missing parts. Great job !!!

12:59 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1209 VK5HI
13:03 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc0707 VK5HI
13:06 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1208 VK5HI
13:10 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1107 VK5HI
23:31 UTC FF00181307000130D203D60000 JA0CAW
23:35 UTC F700051818000130D203D600FF JA0CAW
23:50 UTC 8537000030290100d203d60003 VK5HI
23:54 UTC 5912000000600100d203dd0000 VK5HI
23:58 UTC d200000035760130d203d50005 VK5HI

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