COMPASS-1 now in powersafe mode

COMPASS was transmitting again this morning and I disabled the FM TX. Based on the actually HK telemetry COMPASS did a reset this morning and the heater was on intermittent. COMPASS was in DETUMBLING mode so I assume the reset was shortly before my AOS. I set the thresholds new and compared this with HK requests. Then I switched COMPASS into SAFE mode and DISABLED the FM TX.

Last night we decided to leave COMPASS now in SAFE Mode. In this mode all external hardware resources are switched off. That means also the ADCS is not working and the temperature values are set to invalid. The goal is to keep alive COMPASS as long as possible. So we have to think about a new strategy to get housekeeping data (maybe only once per day).

01:59 UTC 90180052400000207906C54106 JA1GDE
09:31 UTC ..................00BB0906 DK3WN
09:35 UTC 84010000aa0000300200c30007 DK3WN
09:39 UTC 70010035860000000400d20005 DK3WN
10:26 UTC 94000063400000000400CC0012 ZL2BX
10:30 UTC 29000000000000000400C71307 ZL2BX
10:30 UTC 29000000000000000400C61012 ZL2BX
11:08 UTC ............00310600bb2303 DK3WN
11:12 UTC ....0036240000000800c40003 DK3WN * switched COMPASS into POWERSAFE mode
11:15 UTC 76007511180000000700c70... DK3WN
12:21 UTC 29000000000000000700C607.. JA0CAW
12:25 UTC 29000000000000000700C610.. JA0CAW
12:29 UTC 29000000000000000700C507.. JA0CAW
19:47 UTC FF071000000000300700D00006 ZL2BX
19:50 UTC F6060600000600300700D00001 ZL2BX
20:36 UTC 29000000000000000700cc1109 DK3WN
21:20 UTC F9000800001200300700CC00E1 ZL2BX
21:23 UTC FF070700000000300700CC0000 ZL2BX
21:27 UTC F8001300000700300700CC0004 ZL2BX
22:09 UTC 29000000000000000700cc1109 DK3WN
22:13 UTC 29000000000000000700cc1107 DK3WN
22:17 UTC 29000000000000000700cc1005 DK3WN

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