COMPASS-1 – up one minute – down the next…

00:15 UTC 9207004151000000A052D600FF     4.16V (JA6PL)
00:19 UTC 5507244055010000A052D700FF     4.22V (JA6PL, JE1HVH)
01:26 UTC 2900000000000000a052cc1406     4.00V (W1ICW)
01:29 UTC 2900000000000000a052cc1805     4.00V (W1ICW)
01:30 UTC 2900000000000000a052c30906     3.82V (W1ICW)
01:52 UTC 77000039AA000030A052D800FF     4.24V (JA6PL)
01:56 UTC 5202005851070030A052D100FF     4.10V (JA6PL)
02:00 UTC 7407303040000030A052D50000     4.18V (JA6PL)
07:46 UTC 2900000000000000a052cc1407     4.00V (NH7WN)
07:50 UTC 2900000000000000a052cc1503     4.00V (NH7WN)
08:18 UTC 6910004042000000a052cc0000     4.00V (DK3WN)
08:22 UTC 4000900000000000a052d300ff     4.14V (DK3WN)
09:12 UTC 2900000000000000A054CC18F5     4.00V (ZL2BX)
10:45 UTC 2900000000000000A054CC18F5     4.00V (ZL2BX)
11:28 UTC .........7000030a052d000ff     4.10V (DK3WN)
17:46 UTC 7000000059600000a052cc00ff     4.00V (DK3WN)
19:16 UTC 2900000000000000a052cc1406     4.00V (DK3WN)
19:19 UTC 2900000000000000a052cc1505     4.00V (DK3WN)
19:23 UTC ...9070000220030a052c72010     3.90V (DK3WN)
19:46 UTC ff00101107000030a052d00000     4.10V (NH7WN)
19:54 UTC ff00180000070030a052....             (NH7WN)
21:00 UTC 9029000040350030a052cc0003     4.00V (DK3WN)
*** HARD RESET ***
22:31 UTC 29000000000000000100cc1808     4.00V (DK3WN)
22:35 UTC 29000000000000000100cc1607     4.00V (DK3WN)

Today we made a good progress to download a dump of housekeeping data – we got complete telemetry from more than 26 hours :-)

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