COMPASS-1 – first picture

At 1000 UTC we made our first picture of the earth – and we made our first experiences… :-)

A raw image consist of 640 x 480 pixel. Every packet frame (1k2 AFSK) transmit 128 pixel, so we need 5 packets for 1 row. In total we have to transmit 2400 packets to get a full image.
In a good pass a well equipped station can receive about 300 packets. That’s the problem.

In our case we (Thanks Rob, PE1ITR) received only the top and the bottom of the picture. The main part was transmitted over Africa :-(

The second issue was – COMPASS pointed not to earth. So maybe we have the sun on the left side and the dark space on the right. The next task is to bring COMPASS into the ADCS CONTROL Mode.

00:21 UTC A1020743410300303049D10000    4.10V  (JA1GDE, JA0CAW)
00:25 UTC DD093830560000303049D600FF    4.20V  (JA1GDE, JA0CAW)
00:29 UTC 65000040750000003049D60001    4.20V  (JA1GDE)
01:31 UTC ..............003049CC2305    4.00V  (KD8CAO)
01:35 UTC 29000000000000003049CC1404    4.00V  (KD8CAO)
01:38 UTC 64320003300000303049CC0002    4.00V  (KD8CAO)
03:08 UTC .9000000000000003049CC1605    4.00V  (KD8CAO)
03:11 UTC 29000000000000003049CC1600    4.00V  (KD8CAO)
03:15 UTC FF090700000700303049CC0002    4.00V  (KD8CAO)
07:53 UTC 29000000000000003049d01307    4.08V  (NH7WN)
07:56 UTC 29000000000000003049cc1703    4.00V  (NH7WN)
09:15 UTC 29000000000000003049D00707    4.08V  (ZL2BX)
09:34 UTC 29000000000000003049CC1107    4.00V  (ZL2BX)
10:00 UTC 64000029aa0500003049d600ff    4.20V  (PE1ITR)
10:55 UTC 29000000000000003049CC0707    4.00V  (ZL2BX)
10:59 UTC 29000000000000003049CC0707    4.00V  (ZL2BX)
11:15 UTC 29000000000000003049cc1407    4.00V  (JA0CAW)
11:19 UTC 29000000000000003049cc0708    4.00V  (JA0CAW)
12:58 UTC 29000000000000003049cc0705    4.00V  (JA0CAW)
14:54 UTC ff002400000000303049cc00ff    4.00V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)
14:59 UTC ff001704000000303049cc0000    4.00V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)
15:03 UTC ff002600000000303049cc00ff    4.00V  (W1ICW)
16:32 UTC d0070029c70700303049d700ff    4.22V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)
16:36 UTC 93070033710700303049d500ff    4.18V  (W1ICW, KD8CAO)
16:39 UTC 70000043901600003049D600FF    4,20V  (KD8CAO)
17:53 UTC ff000000170000303049cc00f9    4.00V  (DK3WN, DL7UZO)
17:57 UTC ..000000070800303049cc00..    4.00V  (PE1ITR)
19:23 UTC 29000000000000003049cc1000    4.00V  (DK3WN,PE1ITR)
19:26 UTC 29000000000000003049c91502    3.94V  (DK3WN,PE1ITR)
19:30 UTC 60000000002900003049cc0700    4.00V  (DK3WN,PE1ITR)
19:34 UTC 56000000000000003049c913ff    3.94V  (DK3WN,PE1ITR)
19:57 UTC 60003240390000003049CC00FF    4.00V  (NH7WN)
20:00 UTC 52000037440000003049D000FF    4.08V  (DK3WN,PE1ITR)
20:17 UTC .......0705400003049D70005    4.22V  (ZL2BX)
21:45 UTC F0000002000700303049CC00FF    4.00V  (ZL2BX)
21:49 UTC FF070700000000303049CC0003    4.00V  (ZL2BX)
21:53 UTC FF070900000000303049CC0003    4.00V  (ZL2BX)
22:40 UTC 29000000000000003049cc1203    4.00V  (PE1ITR)
22:43 UTC ff090700000000303049cc00f7    4.00V  (PE1ITR)
23:03 UTC 29000000000000003049cc0702    4.00V  (PE1ITR)
23:07 UTC ff070700000000303049cc00ff    4.00V  (PE1ITR)
23:11 UTC ff000000150000303049cc00ff    4.00V  (PE1ITR)

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