COMPASS-1 back in powersave mode

23:55 UTC    ..............201800B72903    heater off   3.59V  (VE9QRP)
01:40 UTC    29000000000000201800BB2902    heater off   3.67V  (VE9QRP)
02:06 UTC    29000000000000201800C129FF    heater off   3.78V  (JA6PL)
03:12 UTC    29000000000000201800BB2903    heater off   3.67V  (KD8CAO)
09:26 UTC    51100180700000202901BB1807    heater off   3.67V  (ZL2BX)
10:54 UTC    29000000000000202902C11607    heater off   3.78V  (ZL2BX)
11:16 UTC    29000000000000202902C01605    heater off   3.76V  (JA6PL, JA0CAW)
11:45 UTC    74088224201100102902c300ff    heater off   3.82V  (M3RRX)
12:53 UTC    90002900065900202907c20004    heater off   3.80V  (JE9PEL, JA0CAW)
13:30 UTC    53090030980500202916d200ff    heater off   4.12V  (W1ICW) :-)
             00DP0COM/ COMPASS 1/ 012345/ COMPASS/ 1
             00DP0COM/ COMPASS 1/ 012345/ COMPASS /1
14:57 UTC    87076900003400202947c700ff    heater off   3.90V  (W1ICW)
15:00 UTC    87076900003400202947C700FF    heater off   3.90V  (KD8CAO)
16:16 UTC    D2070050880000102949CC00FF    heater off   4.00V  (W1ICW)
16:34 UTC    D2070050880000102949CC00FF    heater off   4.00V  (KD8CAO)
16:38 UTC    A9000031B60000102949CC00FF    heater off   4.00V  (KD8CAO)
16:42 UTC    EE000027901800102949C70000    heater off   3.90V  (KD8CAO)
17:56 UTC    40000000000000102949c01401    heater off   3.76V  (DK3WN)  
19:29 UTC    29000000000000102949c11500    heater off   3.78V  (DK3WN)
19:32 UTC    70130900000000102949bb0801    heater off   3.67V  (DK3WN)
19:36 UTC    54290029250000102949c10000    heater off   3.78V  (DK3WN)
19:57 UTC    .................949C40000    heater off   3.84V  (NH7WN)
20:00 UTC    95078000000000102949C40000    heater off   3.84V  (NH7WN)
20:03 UTC    60003400070000102949C40802    heater off   3.84V  (NH7WN)
20:15 UTC    60070100245000102949D10005    heater off   4.10V  (ZL2BX)
20:19 UTC    90000000005000102949C90006    heater off   3.94V  (ZL2BX)
20:23 UTC    50180707000000102949C30707    heater off   3.82V  (ZL2BX)
21:01 UTC    29000000000000102949c11504    heater off   3.78V  (DK3WN)
21:05 UTC    29000000000000102949c01503    heater off   3.76V  (DK3WN)
21:09 UTC    60000000003400102949c00000    heater off   3.76V  (DK3WN)
21:47 UTC                ...... 9C30002    heater off   3.82V  (ZL2BX)
21:51 UTC    EE290000602900102949D70004    heater off   4.22V  (ZL2BX)
21:56 UTC    73000000186000102949C40002    heater off   3.84V  (ZL2BX)
22:00 UTC    60001300001700102949C50707    heater off   3.86V  (ZL2BX)
23:08 UTC    dd095410830600102949d00000    heater off   4.08V  (JA0CAW)
23:13 UTC    70079800080000102949c500f2    heater off   3.86V  (JA0CAW)
23:53 UTC    FF0201000507001??949C700FF    heater off   3.90V  (ZL2BX)
23:53 UTC    69???????01200102949C700FF    heater off   3.90V  (ZL2BX)

:-) thank you so much for your efforts!

1753 UTC 5° elev. pass COMPASS back in powersave mode :-)
1753 UTC … 333333 (just came out of eclipse)
1756 UTC 00 compass 40000000000000102949c01401
1759 UTC 00 compass 70….

1925 UTC 29° elev pass, AOS in eclipse
19:29 UTC 00 compass 29000000000000102949c11500
19:32 UTC 00 compass 70130900000000102949bb0801
19:35 UTC current time and online element (TLE) successfully uploaded :-)
19:36 UTC 00 compass 54290029250000102949c10000

21:01 UTC 33° elev pass, AOS in eclipse
21:01 UTC 00 compass 29000000000000102949c11504
21:05 UTC 00 compass 29000000000000102949c01503
21:07 UTC end of eclipse
21:09 UTC 00 compass 60000000003400102949c00000
21:13 UTC 00 compass 500200000000… LOS

Roger, WA1KAT:
Congratulations Mike! Your efforts at rounding up the troops looks to have paid off….
Truly a worldwide ham radio effort!

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